Week 5 Post 2

Hi Everyone,

Firstly I would like to say a massive Thank you to all who completed my survey. The result are very interesting.

I circulated the survey through the social media networks of Facebook and emails. I got a response from 44 people, which was more than I had expected.

Before I discuss the results of the survey, I would like to share with you the reason why I use Facebook. This is the only social networking site I am connected with, apart from emails. I log in more than five times a day, every day. I use Facebook mainly for a source of news and current affairs, I dislike watching ‘main stream’ media as I understand how bias it is. I rely on independent news sites such as Crikey  and True Activist   for my daily news. My news feed also contains information from a number of international and local environmental, community and government sites. I find this is a great medium for keeping up to date and aware of issues in our World. I also use Facebook for keeping in contact with family and friends, although this is not the main reason for my daily log on. Every few weeks I will have a Facebook chat with one of my relatives or friends overseas and I know I should post more photos of my children for my family to see, but I just don’t seem to get around to it. I believe my primary use of Facebook differs from a number of my survey respondents.

The results of the survey clearly shows that an amazing 93% of people log into their Facebook account on a daily basis. This corresponds to the findings in a number of studies world wide which shows Facebook users are commonly accessing their accounts daily. It has been noted Facebook use can become habitual and a new mental disorder ‘Facebook addiction disorder’ has been defined to acknowledge the problem (Reimer 2013).

A strong pattern emerges from the findings, showing the majority of users questioned access the social networking site purely for the intention of communicating with friends. The business and educational benefits the site provides appears to be overlooked.This result runs In line with current findings in the Yellow Social Media Report, 2013, which states that businesses are not utilizing social media networks to effectively communicate to consumers. People also appear to have a sense of apprehension when connecting social sites with business (Sensis, 2013).

The people questioned in my survey identified that most knew the friends they had on Facebook on a personal, face to face level however the number of friends varied greatly with equal percentages shared between 50-100 friends, 200-250 and more than 300. This finding does not correspond to the national average of 229 friends on Facebook (Embrace Distributions, 2013).

The amount of time spent on Facebook appears to have remained constant for my survey respondents in the last six months. This result surprised me. Australian statistics show a clear increase in the amount of time people spend connected (Cowling, 2013). Due to the rapid growth in sales of smartphone, I can comprehend these results and wonder why they did not show in my survey.

Communications between people are becoming easier on a global scale. Social media networks have contributed greatly to this, providing benefits on a number of personal and business levels. But negative aspects are connected with this phenomena also. Online bullying, mental and social health issues and addiction are growing issues effecting many societies. I believe more awareness and support needs to be provided in these areas.

On a personal note, I am more aware of the amount of time I spend/ waste on Facebook after doing this task. My use of Facebook has increased dramatically after the purchase of my smartphone. I feel there could be an addictive pattern emerging due to my constant daily log ins. Powered with the knowledge that this activity is not beneficial, I will monitor my Facebook use more closely in the future.

Thanks again to all that completed the survey and helped to make this post successful.



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HI I am a first year student at Griffith, Gold Coast, studying a Bachelor of Arts. I have a passion for history, Culture and the environment. I have three beautiful boys who keep me busy. We are an active family and spend our spare time exploring the beautiful beaches and bush land the Gold Coast has to offer.

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